About us

We value relationships, quality standards and efficiency.

Language Matters is a language and media practice that renders the following services:


- Copy editing,

- Language editing,

- Proofreading,

- Translation,

- Transcription,


An astonishing amount of work is done within these fields by freelance language and media practitioners, whose skills, training, experience and expertise vary, as do the fees they charge.


The Alliance of Language and Media Practitioners (LAMP) releases an annual rates guide, detailing the standard rates and tariffs that practitioners, who for the most part have vocational and educational training in the field, charge on average for their services. Despite this, rates remain unregulated, as does much of the industry itself. In 2014 the South African Government enacted the Language Practitioners’ Council Bill, thereby making statutory provisions for the official regulation of professional standards and accreditation systems of language practitioners. However, implementation of the Bill has been indefinitely “put on ice” owing to a lack of available government funding. Therefore the onus remains on the professionals who stand in practice to ensure that quality standards and rates are maintained and to promote and secure the profession.  Professional bodies such as The South African Translators’ Institute (SATI), The Professional Editors’ Guild (PEG), The Southern African Freelancers’ Association, and The Society for Editors and Proofreaders, have joint endeavours to assure that the professional practices and rates of language practitioners remain on standard.

To this effect, at Language Matters we proudly render our services to the best of our abilities, boasting a team of dynamic, qualified and experienced professionals who are members of SATI and PEG. Our professionals share over a decade’s experience in a variety of fields and disciplines, including but not limited to the corporate sector, economics, accountancy, engineering, the sciences, education, and communications.




At Language Matters we ascribe to SATI and PEG’s respective codes. Accordingly, we undertake to:


- Endeavour constantly to achieve the highest possible quality in respect of accuracy of rendering, terminological correctness, language and style;

- Accept full responsibility for our translations and to bring unresolved problems to the attention of our clients;

- Accept no work that is beyond us (with regard to deadline and knowledge of source language, target language and subject), except with the knowledge of our clients, and to keep to agreed deadlines and forms of delivery;

- Constantly pursue self-improvement in order to improve the quality of our work;

- Maintain a relationship of trust with our clients and to treat all information that comes to our attention in the course of our work as confidential;

- Not accept any work that, in our opinion, is intended for unlawful or dishonest purposes or is contrary to the public interest;

- Be guided in negotiating remuneration by the principle of equitability, and in particular to refrain from charging excessive rates;

- Respect all rights of the author and the client, and specifically copyright;

- Always uphold the highest ethical and moral standards in our dealings with our clients and in the practice of our occupation as translators;

- Complete work allocated to the language practitioners originally commissioned and not to subcontract it out, for whatever reason, without the written permission of the client or employer having been obtained;

- Treat as confidential all personal and sensitive information that come our attention in the course of our work and to maintain professional detachment, impartiality and objectivity of our work;

- Respect all the rights (specifically copyright) of the authors – as well as of clients or employers – and to disclose any conflicts of interest immediately upon awareness of such conflict;

- Respect and support fellow professionals and to share professional knowledge for the good of the profession.





- Formatting and layout,

- Marketing,

- Branding,

- Web, media and graphic design.


We’re Committed to Your Satisfaction

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is always on the ball, using the best resources to get the job done right. Our respective passions for learning new things every day urge us to stay ahead of the curve, always striving to perfect our service delivery. Meet our dynamic and valued staff members below.

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With us since our founding, Simone Barroso is one of our veteran team members. She brings years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our business grow and evolve. She obtained a B.A. Degree in Language Practice in 2010 and a B.A. Honours Degree in 2011, and has since honed her skills with 6 years of academic interpreting, translation and editing in various disciplines, including the arts, humanities, chemical and mechanical engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry.

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Language director

It didn’t take long for Ann-Lize Grewar to make a big impact as one of our directors. Professionalism to a tee and never without a smile, Ann-Lize Grewar is more than an asset, she is a part of the Language Matters family. Her attention to detail and creative edge are just what you need to set your organisation or institution apart from the rest. With a passion for literature and fiction, she is the perfect candidate for handling creative texts. Ann-Lize boasts 8 years in the academic interpreting, editing and translation profession, and has a B.A. Degree in Language and Literature Studies and an Honours Degree in Translation Studies to back it all up. Her niche fields include literary texts, economics, accountancy, humanities, business management and risk management to mention but a few.

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Marketing director

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways that co-workers describe this invaluable member of our team. Johan Steyn is a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to come to work every day. His contagious and engaging personality will make anyone feel comfortable to communicate their exact needs. Our go-to communications professional is exactly what every organisation needs, as he attunes himself to present and building synergies that have the potential improve stakeholder relations, whether those stakeholders be employees, management or markets. Johan has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, with years of experience in various corporate settings working with dynamic groups and individuals.